Celtic Animal Astrology

A combination of animals and astrology can be a potent one. Astrological animals represent more permanent qualities in our natures. Whereas you may temporarily need to seek the loyalty of the dog when friends are under stress, astrological associations are linked to an underlying trait that you perhaps noticed in yourself as a child, although many of us have forgotten these powerful links over time.

A combination of your astrological animal with a temporary totem can help put you in control of any situation. The animals in this article are based on their associations through Celtic myth and legend.

Your Personal Animal Collection

You can find astrological animals in many forms. I suggest you tell people that you are fond of your individual animal – I can almost guarantee that this will ensure that you will be given hundreds of gifts in the shape of the animal you suggest.

Best of all is a visit to your power animal, either in the wild or in a well-tended animal park where you can watch it quietly for long enough to forge a true connection. Observe how the animal moves and its natural dignity and strength. When you go to sleep, let the last picture in your mind be of your animal.

Animal Signs

Stag – December 24th – January 20th

The stag was the Celtic King of the Forest. As a result, this sign has high ideals and aspirations. If you want to start a new project, enlist the aid of someone with the Stag sign to help you. They won’t be deterred once they get started. They are thorough, patient, and very persistent in nature. When others falter, Stags buck their way past obstacles. They are proud, and are naturally noble without ever really feeling or acting entitled. They believe in hard work, and their integrity is their trademark.

Cat – January 21st – February 17th

Quick minded and with an even quicker wit, the Cat’s true influence is in the realm of the intellect. Cats have impeccable reasoning abilities, and a knack for seeing the true nature of things. They are the perfect people to call on when you need ‘out of the box’ thinking. They are usually found on the fringes of things, observing, but they have a kind, humanitarian quality which makes them lovable. They do need an artistic outlet in order to express themselves, and become bored and restless without this.

Adder – February 18th – March 17th

People who have the Adder as a sign have a cool exterior but are truly lively once you get past that. They are curious and are always full of questions about how the world works, and how the people around them work. They are natural communicators, and can be hugely persuasive if they are passionate about a cause. They can be a little unpredictable, and if things don’t go their way they will quickly become uncooperative.

Fox – March 18th – April 14th

People who have the Fox as their sign have a sly sense of humour. Full of guile, vigor, and bright intelligence, it is impossible to truly tame the Fox. People with this sign are story-tellers, and able communicators, although they often spend these gifts in jokes and play. If you are fortunate enough to call a Fox a friend, you have a friend for life. They are never shy of showing their loyalties, and will defend their friends to the death.

Cow – April 15th – May 12th

Cows have been important to Celtic societies for centuries. The great Irish cycles tell of cattle raids causing wars, and the great strength of cattle was harnessed in many ways. Cows are the people you turn to when you need honest opinions and solid advice – particularly if that advice is centered around relationships. They are highly intuitive people, and not to be messed with, as they will root out lies with unerring accuracy. It is easy to misunderstand people who fall under the protection of the Cow as being moody or overly emotional, but this is merely a side effect of their empathic and intuitive natures. They are deeply trustworthy people, and know how to keep a secret.

Seahorse – May 13th – June 9th

Those who have the protection of the Seahorse are vastly flexible and resourceful. These are the people you want dealing with complex legal or financial matters because they’ll either find or invent the loopholes they need. They also have brilliant memories, and will be able to recall tiny details to help them prove whatever point they want to. They are changeable, versatile people who can find their feet in any environment.

Wren – June 10th – July 7th

People with the sign of the wren are natural care givers who can remain calm regardless of the storms around them. They are the ideal company to have in any sort of crisis, as they are resourceful and remain cool under pressure. People who are watched over by the Wren have a high sense of responsibility and moral integrity, and make great community leaders – even if part of them just wants to explore the world.

Horse – July 8th – August 4th

People who are under the protection of the Horse are competitive, and rightfully so. They have a huge amount of confidence in whatever they do, particularly in business. They are openly charming people, who love making grand entrances. While they strive to be leaders, they will fit into any role as long as their contribution is given the recognition it deserves. They are brave at heart, and won’t falter when times get tough.

Salmon – August 5th – September 1st

The Salmon has been revered for its deep knowledge for centuries, and those who fall under its protection are highly intellectual in nature. They make some of the world’s best artists, poets and visionaries, although they run the risk of diving far too deep for the rest of us to follow. When they return from the depths of thought, however, they bring with them bright pearls of inspiration for the rest of us to marvel at.

Swan – September 2nd – September 29th

Swans are refined, noble creatures, and this trait is shared by the people who fall under their protection. They have deep composure and are natural aristocrats with very clear ideas on how things should be done. Never assume that their outer appearance of detachment is all there is, however. Beneath that there lies a deep passion for those who have the ability to bring it out.

Butterfly – September 30th – October 27th

Flitting from flower to flower, butterflies bring a sense of effortless grace to any scene. Exchange ‘flower’ to ‘friend’, and you have the essence of the people who fall under the protection of the Butterfly. They are always in contact with people, and they love to dream and express new ideas – even when those ideas aren’t terribly practical. They are highly empathic and will go out of their way to avoid harm to anyone. They make friends easily and love to cheer people up. They are endlessly child-like, and help remind the rest of us about the wonder in the world.

Wolf – October 28th – November 24th

Wolves have a strong sense of purpose, and will go to great lengths to make sure that any point they make are fully understood. Those who have the protection of the Wolf are fearless, brave, and rarely allow themselves to compromise. They are those you want at your back when you enter the heat of battle, because they will not back down or falter in their determination. They have impeccable character and are deeply honourable. You always know where you stand with people of the Wolf.

Hawk – November 25th – December 23rd

Hawks have intense focus, and this is shared with those under their protection. When the people of this sign see something they want, they go after it with a force that is truly remarkable in its dedication. If they don’t find a project interesting, however, they will quickly head elsewhere. They have a keen sense of balance, and are strongly opinionated and not easily persuaded away from those opinions.