You Are NOT Oxygen Deprived

This is a claim I have only recently begun to encounter, but it is a dangerous one – to your wallet, if nothing else. If you happen to be suffering from one of the wide range of conditions this ‘treatment’ claims to cure, the damage could be far worse.

The Half-Truth

The people offering this ‘cure’ all point to the work of a German scientist, Doctor Otto Warburg, who published a paper in the Journal of Cancer Research in 1925. This paper was called “The Metabolism of Carcinoma Cells”, and it basically outlines the fact that cancer prevents healthy cells from receiving enough oxygen. He went on to suggest that a possible treatment would be offering time in oxygen-enriched chambers may be an effective cure, but I have been unable to find any papers suggesting this was successfully tried.

The Lie

The sites which support these ‘treatments’ say that:

* Tap water is very low in oxygen because its journey through lead pipes and the addition of chlorine and other chemical contaminants prevent it from being aerated.
* Cooking or heating food reduces the oxygen content in vegetables and fruits, and also kills the enzyme content.
* Processed foods have little to zero oxygen content.
* Air conditioning in cars, homes and offices during the summer, and then heating in winter, depletes oxygen and circulates germs

While those claims may well be the truth, none of the food, drink, and supplements they offer will have any effect on your body’s oxygen levels – unless they are selling oxygen tanks and nebulizers, and even then you should discuss that sort of treatment seriously with your doctor before embarking on it. Pure oxygen is a dangerous chemical, and using it without professional guidance can have serious, damaging effects on the body.

The Truth

On some of these sites, things which will make you feel a great deal better are mentioned, usually as an afterthought to the shiny products. These include exercise, meditation, and a healthy, less-processed diet.

Needless to say, this advice will do you a great deal more good than taking any of their products. If you truly want to increase your body’s access to oxygen, I suggest you drink more, exercise regularly, and look at natural diet options. It will be cheaper and more effective for you.