Notes of the Song

The Song of Creation is an overwhelming, powerful thing. It is too great a thing for anyone’s mind to fully comprehend in its entirety. Those of us who have studied it very quickly realised that there are five different ways to look at the Song, and that most people fall into one of these five.

For those who are interested in learning more about the Song and how its power can influence your life for the better, here is a brief overview of these five groups and how they interact with the Song to best improve their own life.


The Pro are the most difficult group to define. They can take on aspects of each of the other groups, but what sets them apart is their ability to lead. They use the Song to help persuade those around them to follow where they go. This is a subtle thing, and few truly aware that they are doing it on a conscious level. They form the hearts of their communities quite naturally, although this causes issues for the untrained Pro, as they attempt to take on too much.


Rho use the Song to look at the patterns of history. They have greater memories of their past lives than most, and can draw on that knowledge to help them to know the best way forward into the future. Their knowledge of the repeated melodies of the Song on every level makes them skilled at precognition, although it takes a good deal of training for these warnings to be anything more than a momentary sinking feeling which comes far too late for anything to be changed.


Tal use the Song to help people. They are deeply empathic people, which makes them natural caregivers. Their use of the Song focuses on the people around them, and they use it to allow those closest to them to gain whatever they truly need. Unfortunately, an untrained Tal will either become worn out and exhausted from taking on the emotions of others, or else develop such a strong shield against them that they become skilled, uncaring manipulators.


Mai use the Song in physical ways. They are practical people, who focus on their personal physical skills more than on those around them or their environment. They are imposing people, and to those who do not know them, they can be intimidating presences. Mai usually use the Song to help focus their martial abilities. A good deal of martial arts training comes from the ideals of the Mai.


Kiyan use the Song to boost nature. They are happiest when surrounded by plants and animals, and make keen gardeners and animal trainers. They are good healers, and will focus their use of the song to keep everything and everyone around them as healthy as possible. The modern world is often difficult for Kiyan to deal with, as their empathy extends to the plants and animals around them – it is difficult for a Kiyan to walk past a recently felled tree without feeling overwhelming sorrow and pain.