The Empress

Mother’s Love

The Empress embodies the Mother of Creation, the female half of all creation. She is the Goddess of Fertility, and offers love, creativity, luxury, beauty and grace.

When she shows up in the cards, it indicates a deep connection with femininity. Whatever your gender, the Empress calls you to get in touch with your sensuality. Use all of your senses and draw on them to experience pleasure and deep fulfilment.

The Empress also encourages you to spend your time in nature. Allow yourself the time and the space to enter into a different frame of mind in which you can truly connect with the Earth and receive her wisdom into your heart and mind. Take a trip to your favourite natural setting, whatever that might be, and give yourself the time to simply breathe in the energy that the Earth offers. The Empress offers you the solid foundation of being grounded in the material plane.

This is a deeply nurturing and caring card. It suggests that you are blessed by maternal, protective forces or influences. She offers a reminder that our children are our future, and we are responsible for their growth and development.

Depending on the other cards in the reading, the Empress can also indicate that the energy of the Song is about to intervene directly into your life. You may not know what brings the good fortune, but the sense of being looked after and nurtured is no accident. The Empress offers a gentle reminder that you are worthy of the Mother’s loving embrace.