The Welsh Dragon

There was a time when dragons roamed the land. These great dragons would often settle near the villages of people, offering the villages protection and guidance.

Now, dragons are creatures which need the heat of spring and summer, and so they go into deep caves to sleep the cold months away.

In the land of Wales, a great red dragon had protected the greatest city for many years. The fierceness of his flame and the wisdom of his years of living made him a fine guardian, and he was much loved by those under his care.

One year, the ice and snow of winter did not retreat when the days grew longer. The air was chill, and the people of the city grew sick and the weakest of them died. When the red dragon emerged from his winter sleep, the land was bare, the cold killing even the hardiest of seeds.

The red dragon knew the cause of this lingering ice instantly, and he took to the sky, roaring out a challenge which echoed through the mountains.

It was a challenge that was answered with a roar filled with the grating of shifting ice, and the people stared in astonishment as another dragon flew from the east to meet their protector. The new dragon was pure white, and his scales shone in the sunlight.

They met above the city, and the shock of that meeting rang like a bell throughout the land. The red dragon’s flame scorched across the white dragon’s chest, making him bellow in pain. In retaliation, the white dragon whipped his tail across the red dragon’s head. The sharp, hardened scales of the tail cut across the red dragon’s eye. The blood which fell from this wound was gold, and where it landed, beautiful golden flowers sprang up. Today, we call these flowers daffodils.

The red dragon responded by grasping the white tightly in his claws, and driving him down onto the sharp rocks of the cliffs above the city. The rocks pierced the white dragon’s heart, killing it.

The crowd which had gathered to watch this fight cheered in delight as the red dragon landed in front of his cave. The king declared that the land would henceforth always fly a flag with the Red Dragon on it. The flag’s background would be green and white. The green to show the land the Red Dragon had saved, and the white to show the colour of the dragon the Red Dragon had saved them all for. In this way, the fight would always be remembered.

But the battle was not won without a great loss, for the Red Dragon was sorely injured. He returned to his cave to rest, and has never yet woken from his slumber. From that day to this, it rains in the rich, green land of Wales through sorrow at the Red Dragon’s loss.